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BRIGHTON, June 6: Kris Kay & James Kenna 2-1 Karl Atlas & Crusher Curtis. Amazon 2-1 Erin Angel. Wade Fitzgerald bt Andy Simmonz, disq. Charlie Checkmate 2-1 Jonathan Windsor. Referee: J. Blakeney.

WORTHING, May 28: PWF Mid-Heavyweight Championship: Danny Garnell (w Dean Ayass) 2-1 Wolf Alexander. Jonny Storm 2-1 Wade Fitzgerald (after extra round). Barry Cooper bt Andy Simmonz, disq. Rishi Ghosh 2-1 Charlie Checkmate. Referee: J. Kenna.

WORTHING, March 30: Kris Kay 1-1 Doug Williams. Knockout tournament final: Wolf Alexander & Josh Faulkner 2-1 James Danmar & Robbie Williams. Semi-finals: Alexander & Faulkner bt Jimmy Havoc & Jon Ryan, disq. Danmar & Williams ko'd Carl Brady & Charlie Checkmate. Referees: S. Grey & J. Kenna.

PEACEHAVEN, February 28: Kris Kay 2-1 Stingray Stevenson. Amazon 2-1 Erin Angel. Barry Cooper & Steve Grey 2-1 Jorge Castano & Sid Scala. Josh Faulkner 2-1 Jonathan Windsor. Referee: J. Kenna.

WORTHING, February 16: Kris Kay & James Kenna 2-1 Zulu Prince & Rishi Ghosh. Wade Fitzgerald 2-1 Andy Simmonz. The Phantom 2-1 Barry Cooper. Jorge Castano 2-1 Lance Lawrence. Referee: S. Grey.

WORTHING, December 29: Worthing Trophy final: Doug Williams 2-1 Zack Sabre. Semi-finals: Williams 2-1 Josh Faulkner. Sabre 2-1 Jimmy Havoc. Carl Brady & Jonny Storm 2-1 Sid Scala & Jonathan Windsor. Referee: J. Kenna.


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